The Worst Fitness Trends EVER!

The Worst Fitness Trends EVER!

A defined, lean physique is never really going to go out of style and with more and more people searching for the magic formula to achieve their goals, fitness trends have exploded in recent years. The pressures of ever-increasingly busy lives has meant that often people want the easy way out. With clever marketers taking advantage of this point, there’s been a huge influx of some rather questionable fitness fads that seem to be more effective at slimming down your wallet rather than your waistline. From diet pills to vibrating belts, here’s some of the worst fitness trends ever!
Chair fitness

The revolution of chair fitness, that is, exercise perform from the seated position took off some years ago and didn’t really stick around for too long. Most people would love to be able to lose weight sitting down and the promises of dramatic results and rapid transformations pulled in a lot of naive purchasers. The idea was to slide, rotate and bounce away the excess pounds….whilst never having to stand up.

The Hawaii Chair was designed to let the user swivel in a bid to tighten the abs whilst they sit. However, when it failed to deliver on its big promises and when people realised that losing weight sitting down was a ridiculous idea, it failed to pick up much traction. Still, the manufactures of the chair successfully played on the naivety of many people who didn’t know any better and were able to make millions in the process. Fitness fraud at its finest…

Vibrating dumbbells

The Shake Weight (a vibrating dumbbell) sparked off a surge of similar products in the fitness industry and reinforced the notion that people will pretty much try anything to lose weight and get in shape. The idea that the vibrating technology enhances the effects of exercise is a statement that has been perpetuated by the manufactures in a bid to persuade people to buy the dumbbells. There’s no scientific research which supports the validity of these sweeping statements and certainly not any evidence which suggests you’re better off performing exercise with a vibrating dumbbell over a normal one. Do yourself a favour and save the dough and stick with the tried and tested exercises like presses and rows.

Toning shoes

A quick Google search will reveal a whole ton of shoes in the marketplace that promise to assist in the weight loss process and sculpt your body head to toe merely through wearing them. The clever use of celebrity endorsements help brands push sales to none-the-wiser customers who will happily spend onward of £100 for a pair of toning shoes that according to studies, don’t do anything different to normal shoes.

Electric ab belts

The idea of shooting electric impulses into your muscles so they contract to get better abs proved to be very popular. Unfortunately, lean, defined abs has never been that easy and the use of electric ab belts can actually be dangerous as countless testimonials have proven. Here’s a bit of advice: get up off your lazy ass, stop looking for an easy way out and do some proper exercise and healthy eating like the rest of us if you want those washboard abs!

Pole fitness

The pole-dancing fitness trend is synonymous with many young women who want to get fit and improve their health whilst looking like a sexy stripper at the same time. Subjectively, pole dancing for fitness isn’t too bad of an idea as there’s no denying the various physical benefits attributed to it. However, with the internet in all its glory showing  us the sometimes other humiliating side of pole fitness with videos of poles coming loose and people falling flat on faces, maybe it’s something to leave to the pros.

Weight loss pills and shakes

Imagine being able to shift those unwanted pounds by simply popping some pills every morning. Whilst these seemingly miraculous pills claim to boost metabolism and burn stubborn fat, the truth is often distorted as many of these products contain ingredients which have absolute no place in a healthy eating regime and can sometimes be attributed to adverse side effects.

While the foundational aspects of weight loss may seem simple (eat less than you burn off) it’s not achieved through just taking pills or powders. Arm yourself in the battle against the bulge by researching the methods and weight loss strategies most suited to your individual body-type. Our blog would be the ideal place to start…

Celebrity fitness DVD’s

We all love the Z list celebrities from reality TV, right?! As more and more “stars” get on board with horrible fitness and workout DVD’s, there’s a directly proportionate amount of people buying the things so they can find out the secrets of their favourite celeb. However, despite who the celebrity is or how good the DVD may appear to be, they’re still unqualified to advise you on exercise and nutritional habits, so don’t listen to them. The fitness industry is one of the biggest markets on the globe so it’s not surprise that more and more celebrities are stripping themselves of any ethics that may have had to peddle cheap workout videos. To be fair, at least a DVD will last longer than their fame…

The morale? It’s not a workout if there isn’t any work involved. Check out our blog for some of the latest and greatest info on fat loss and fitness!

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